Saints & Sinners

Devil on the left side - Angel on the right
You have got to make a decision tonight
Trying to be honest - or get her in your bed
There is a curious struggle thumping in your head

Saints and sinners - glare and grime
Hell and Heaven - at (the) same time

Run away from danger - or fight with fortitude
Either you are gutless - in the other case you 're rude
The easy way, the wild way - which one is the best
You will always find two souls in your breast

We all are Janus faced - with a coin's other side
In every one of us - there's Jekyll and there's Hide
We can act polite - never step on other's toes
The animal still waits - until it comes to blows

To tell the plain truth - has often stung
And lying leaves a bitter taste on your tongue
You have to take grey ways - through a jungle of doubts
Sometimes we are angels - sometimes we are louts

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